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Cirigliano, Claire November 18, 1938 - March 17, 2021

Remembrance ~ Claire Cirigliano 

On March 17, 2021 Claire Cirigliano passed away suddenly at age 82.

Claire Mirsky was born in, Bronx, NY on November 18, 1938.  She is the daughter of Ann Gerber and Sydney Mirsky.  Upon graduating Christopher Columbus High School (CCHS), she married Renato (Ray) Valente at age 18. As a later divorced, single parent, Claire was forced to find employment then somehow raise two children with the assistance of her then young cousin Arleen. Without any skills she decided to become a beautician, and worked hard to perfect her skills and attain her license.

Often working 60 hours per week, while raising two children, Claire regularly had lines of people waiting for her while other hair stylist’s seats were empty. For 22 years, she made her clients look and feel pretty and they were willing to wait longer just to sit in her chair.

She was the proverbial protective mother bear who would do anything for her children. Even though her work schedule was hectic, she always managed to attend parent-teacher conferences, award ceremonies, school plays and even fly across the country.

After moving from the Bronx to Yonkers, Claire interviewed for her dream job at the law firm of Griffin, Letsen, Coogan, and Veneruso, P.C. located in Bronxville, New York. It is here that she spent the next 32 years being the face of the firm. No one that passed through the doors was a stranger. Claire greeted everyone with a smile, and sometimes a big hug, because that’s who she was. All her co-workers were her family and she exhibited that bond by never failing to lend an ear, offer her help/advice and made even the most difficult of work day’s fun with her endless stories. She will be profoundly missed by all of them.

Her friend Phyllis writes: ”Claire was a classy lady with a heart gold, she loved life; the bon vivant bell of the ball. Claire had it all. It was the way she carried herself and interacted with people that set her apart.

She was the face, heart and soul of the law firm, always there to help, lend an ear, teach, comfort or advise anyone who needed it. She gave freely of herself without question. She’d make you laugh when you needed a laugh and cry with you when you needed to cry. Claire was dependable, reliable, empathetic, loving and kind, supportive, warm, engaging, introspective and generous to a fault.

Her desk draws were armed with all of life’s necessities or comforts for every occasion and incident: makeup, perfume, nail polish, aspirin, band aides, dental floss, and sewing kit for the dropped hem or tear. Her desk, like her persona, accommodated every aspect of daily life. She loved her job and she loved people. Anyone who stepped into the GLCV reception area, she treated as though they stepped into her living room. There was no doubt they felt welcomed and at home when they stepped through the doors and she took them under her wing. And they loved her back. Her desk was always graced with flowers or goodies from clients showing their appreciation for her care and attention.

Claire also worked part-time as Executive Assistant at the Generoso Pope Foundation, Tuckahoe, New York.

Her granddaughter Dana was her pride and joy and the light of her life. According to Dana, “she was always so supportive of everything I ever did. While she was 82, she had the youthful spirit, energy level, and health of someone 25 years younger – I think many of her acquaintances will be shocked to learn her age! I’ve always admired her positive energy and friendliness toward everyone she would meet. She was always diligent about her health and cleanliness and had no pre-existing health conditions. Her passing comes as a shock to our family and I will miss her so much.”

Claire left behind a lifetime of love she generously shared with all who knew her. She had a unique way of remembering the smallest details of everyone’s life and showed a deep caring for their concerns. This trait was ever present even under the most difficult circumstances.

She will be remembered as energetic, charismatic, smart, intuitive, classy, kind, generous, vibrant, witty, and gracious and a heart filled with love.

She was preceded in death by her parents Anna Gerber and Sydney Mirsky and her former husband Renato (Ray) Valente.

She is survived by her partner Ronald, her daughter Lorraine, her granddaughter Dana, son Raymond and his daughters Alana and Sarah, her older brother Bernard, cousin Arleen, her husband David, Arleen’s daughter Alli and her husband Michael, her many friends and colleagues, and her rescue cat Lila.

Please feel free to share any favorite memories or photos with the family here.

Celebration of life services remembering Claire are pending at this time yet family and close friends will be notified of plans once they are finalized.

In lieu of sending flowers, please consider donating to her favorite charity, Freya’s Cat Rescue at http://www.freyascatrescue.org and /or planting a tree in her memory.

Memorial will be planned for a later date.


  1. REPLY
    Daymond Jones says

    Very sorry for the families loss. God be with you all in the comming days. God’s speed to you all.

    Dr. Rev. Col Daymond R Jones
    Retired Chief of Police
    Pastor SCOJ Ministries

    • REPLY
      Katherine “Rin” Griffin says

      Claire’s passing is like losing a family member, a second mother. I had the pleasure of working with her and knowing her for over 35 years. She was a friend, colleague, mother, advisor to all. She Was the face of the law firm and she loved every second of it.
      She was forever loyal and dearly loved, by my father, Bill Griffin , who pre-deceases her. Her memory will live on. Please join me in rejoicing the wonderful life she had, as well as how much she made our lives better just by knowing her.

      • REPLY
        Lorraine Valente says

        Thank you so much for remembering my mother over so many years. She was so proud of working at that Law firm. She loved every day of her life there. Thank you for treating her so well.

    • REPLY
      Lorraine Valente says

      Dear Chief Jones,
      Thank you so much for condolences and prayers.

  2. REPLY
    Penny Williams says

    WE WILL MISS YOU ETERNALLY. LOVE, Penny and Ted Williams

    • REPLY
      Lorraine Valente says

      Thank you so much for caring.

  3. REPLY
    Colleen Williams says

    My mother , Maureen worked with Claire at the law firm. I visited the office often and always felt very welcomed by Claire. She helped my mother and her husband Noel transition back to Westchester from Las Vegas by finding their apartment in the same complex she lived in. My prayers and thoughts are with Claire, her family, and friends. May she Rest In Peace.

    • REPLY
      Lorraine Valente says

      Thank you for the kind words about my mother helping your mom locate an apartment.

      • REPLY
        Rosina Madonna says

        Lorraine its rosina I love u ur family and we love you so much ur mom is awesome and amazing and beautiful dana im here for u uncle Ronnie also we loved aunt Claire and uncle Ronnie ❤ love richie and rosina

        • REPLY
          Lorraine Valente says

          Thank you honey Rosina. We love you too.

  4. REPLY
    Rob Glassman says

    I don’t know if there’s enough room to properly write about Claire. What a lady! Wow! I loved her dearly I became close with Claire through my friendship with Lorraine and she quickly adopted me as one of her own. Often she invited to dinner or to just spend time with her and Ronnie. She always greeted me with a big smile and a bigger hug. She would always give me a series of kisses on my cheek. I will miss that very much. She was so proud of Lorraine. But she was “over the moon” proud of Dana. She loved her so much and would always give a report about the latest accomplishments of this wonderful young lady.
    Her loss is way more than just a loss for Ronnie and her family, it’s truly a loss for the world. I will miss her forever.

    • REPLY
      Lorraine Valente says

      Thank you for sharing truly wonderful memories of my wonderful mom. It should not have happened. It is a terrible, shocking loss.

  5. REPLY
    rosina Madonna says

    rosina Madonna aunt Claire i Remer the beautiful woman that you are so elegant and u loved me and all of our family so much u carried urself with elegant beauty kind words and we all love u I remember when I was little u came to aint Mary’s house my grandfather Guido loved u so very much ucut his hair and the family values u taught me I love u so does dad Matthew and my mom Jeannie all of us im going to miss u so much words cannot express how much u mean to me and how much u loved ur family and Ronnie

  6. REPLY
    Jack Finnerty says

    Claire was a ray of sunshine. In my role at Hudson Valley Bank I was constantly calling the Law Firm on Bank and/or legal matters. No matter my mood, as soon as Claire picked up the phone, first her voice and then her personality and desire to help made my day “a good day”. My sincere condolences to all her family and friends.

    • REPLY
      Lorraine Valente says

      Dear Jack,
      Thank you for sharing such wonderful memories of my mom. I’m so glad her voice and personality helped have a good day. I am still in shock that she is gone.

  7. REPLY
    Nahia Ghostine says

    It is heartbreaking to write words of condolences when I know for sure that you were not ready to go yet, Claire . I will miss you dearly, but will always remember your smile, your cute stories, you love of life, your high energy and most importantly your love and care for your friends. Not to forget, of course, your touch of elegance, my chic Claire.
    Thank you for keeping in touch all those years!!
    You will be always in my heart.
    Love you. always,
    Nahia Ghostine.

    • REPLY
      Lorraine Valente says

      Dear Nahia,
      Thank you for sharing truly wonderful memories of my wonderful mom.She was not ready to leave us.

  8. REPLY
    Nancy O'Donnell says

    Claire had a love of life! She was always dressed to impress with her golden hair in a beautiful up do and a smile upon her face. She had a vitamin for everything. She shared her vitamin regime and encouraged others to care for themselves in this manner. She was so special to so many people! She loved her family. She was always thinking about them, talking about them, finding ways to help them or just show them that she cared. She loved her adventures with her glamorous cousin Arleen. She loved giving hugs. She really loved caring for others. She had the biggest heart. She would always take the time to listen and to ask about the things that were important in each person’s life. I have been blessed to know Claire and to call her a friend although she really felt like a mother. My heart aches that she is gone, but I know she is in heaven as an angel watching over all of us.

    • REPLY
      Lorraine Valente says

      Hi Nancy,
      Thank you for sharing truly lovely memories of my wonderful mom. She spoke highly of you and loved working at the law firm. She was not ready to leave us and I’m still in shock she is gone.

  9. REPLY
    Lindsay Brewster says

    I feel lucky to have worked with Claire at the Generoso Pope Foundation. She was a truly wonderful woman! Smart, kind, loyal, generous, I could go on and on. She gave me amazing advice I will always remember, told the best stories, and made going to work everyday more fun. My condolences to your family. She will be missed.

    • REPLY
      Lorraine Valente says

      Thank you for remembering my mother and that she made going to work fun. I miss her so much.

  10. REPLY
    Tina (DiPippo) Dunne says

    I have known Claire since 1987. I worked at the law firm with her. She was a great aunt, second mother, friend to me. She had such a zest for life and never showed her age. She was a funny, caring, classy, beautiful person. I remember seeing a Broadway show together, what a fun time we had. Having dinner at her apartment, and all the long talks we had about life, love, work, and family. She was always there to lend an ear and give advice. She was a guest at my wedding……..adored my husband, so sweet to my kids. I would stop into the law firm, even when I no longer worked there, when I could, to say hello, bring my kids to see her, especially on Halloween, in their costumes and she would give them candy. I am so deeply saddened by her passing. I will miss her holiday cards with her little notes in them. There is so much more I could say. I just adored her. She always had and always will have a very special place in my heart.

    • REPLY
      Lorraine Valente says

      Hi Tina,
      Thank you for sharing such wonderful memories. Mom spoke of you often. She was a special person and wonderful, caring mom. I miss her already and still shocked that she is gone.

  11. REPLY
    Lorraine Valente says

    Thank you for sharing such fun memories of my mom.. She loved her friends and working every day. She is so missed and she should still be with us.

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