Pre-Plan vs Pre-Pay

The first step in Pre-Planning a funeral is to call Fred H. McGrath & Son at (914) 337-6770 and set up an appointment to come in and talk about your options. Pre-planning does not mean pre-paying for a funeral. Some people prefer to come in and see what their options are and write down their wishes. Others want or need to (SSI/Medicaid Spend Down) Pre-pay for their funeral expenses. Either way the process starts with a Prearrangement Conference.

Prior to your Prearrangement conference you may fill in this vital statistic questionnaire. These are questions that are needed for the Death Certificate.

The Funeral Prearrangement Conference

Below is a description of what you should expect from a prearrangement conference.

The law requires the funeral director to provide the consumer with the following:

  1. A General Price List with the current prices for any merchandise, services and facilities offered by the funeral home.
  2. A Preneed Itemization Statement that lists the items of merchandise, services and facilities that have been chosen, and the price of each.
  3. A Preneed Agreement that outlines all the terms, as well as a consumer’s rights as the Purchaser. It must also state how the principal and interest will be applied to the cost of the funeral services and merchandise at the time they are provided.

How Preplanning Works

  • Purchaser selects the funeral home of their choice.
  • Purchaser meets with a funeral director.
  • Purchaser selects desired services and merchandise while reviewing the funeral home’s General Price List.
  • Funeral director prepares a fully itemized statement and preneed agreement.
  • Both the funeral director and Purchaser sign the documents. If You plan to Pre-Pay
  • Purchaser submits a check for the cost of the funeral made payable either to the funeral home or a funeral trust program.
  • Purchaser receives copies of all signed documents and a General Price List for retention.
  • Within ten days, the funeral director forwards the funds to a funeral trust program or deposits the money directly into a government backed, interest bearing account in a New York financial institution.
  • Within 30 days, the Purchaser should receive acknowledgment in the mail indicating where the money has been deposited.
  • Funds are paid directly to the funeral director once the funeral services have been provided.