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Piscatelli, Mark J. January 6, 2022

Mark was an all-around hard worker. Mark started his own blind business and was his own “one man” company. He made his contacts, sold the job and installed the blinds as well.

After some years, he decided to go into the wholesale car business and eventually had a wholesale used car lot in Paterson, NJ on 21st Avenue for 25 years. It was successful because Mark never let a customer down. If there was a problem, he fixed it. He wanted you to be happy and come back.

Then the day came when he needed a change and joined Empire State Builders in White Plains where he sold renovation projects. He obtained the leads, sold the job and then had a crew complete it. He did not swing the hammer because his job was to ensure the customer was happy. If you ask people about contractors, they usually have a universal response…”you never see or hear from them after you sign the contract and get your money!”

Well guess what…not with Mark. He always answered his phone or returned a voicemail. He was at the job site everyday even if it meant he was in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut on the same day. If you go on Angie’s List, you will see amazing comments from customers about Mark’s commitment to each of his customers.

Mark was the type of person who didn’t make problems. He solved them! He took pride in what he did every day. He said hello to everyone he knew. He was a gentleman through and through. Yes…he would hold the door if you were behind him and open the door for you if you were riding with him. He just didn’t know any other way than to be a very caring, giving and kind person.

In 1983, Mark lived in New Jersey and met a girl named Juanita from New York. They became a couple and moved to Bronxville, New York with their son Louis in 1987 on Al-ta Drive where all the parties were held, especially their fabulous New Year’s Eve parties.

The truth is, if you visited Al-ta Drive on any day, Mark always made you feel like it was an event. He hosted you, fed you and of course, asked you “what would you like to drink”? When the kitchen was renovated in 2007, Mark designed it so that he was at the head of the counter to welcome you to his Al-ta Bistro.

Mark had the ability to connect with people. He always made sincere eye contact when he was speaking to you. His soft eyes were kind and attentive. He made you feel like you were the most important person in the world and that your feelings and thoughts were heard and honored. He generally cared what others were doing with their lives and he wanted everyone to succeed.

Sundays without fail were for macaroni and meatballs with Bochelli playing in the background. Mark said the meatballs came out better when he listened to Bochelli.

Mark loved to ski. He loved to run in the park – rain or shine. He loved to dance. He loved to build. He loved his Harley Davidson motorcycle. He loved his shoes, his crosses and his watches.

Mark always looked handsome. He also had the most beautiful blue eyes, which made things a little easier for him. Even the policeman who came to the house when Mark passed recognized him by his unforgettable eyes. He said “I know him. He always spoke to me when I was in the neighborhood. I will always remember those striking blue eyes.”

Mark loved his home. He loved his family, especially his mother Marie and brother Al. He loved his friends, especially the friends who became “family”. However, what Mark loved more than anything was his life with his wife Juanita and his son Louis.

He embraced fatherhood as if he created it. Mark was always there for Louis. Always willing to guide him, support him and champion his decisions. Always there to help or defend him if the need was presented. When Louis was 12, Mark bought him a Honda 50…a small motorcycle and no…Juanita did not know about it. She only had to buy the helmet after the fact. Mark introduced skiing into Louis’ life which, if you know Louis…you know how much he enjoys it.

As a kid, Louis wanted a dog. So…Juanita agreed to getting a small dog. Mark came home with a blonde Labrador retriever…but to be fair, it was small because it was only a puppy. Again, Juanita did not know how big he would become. Cody became part of the family on Al-ta Drive.

Mark loved the water. Whether it was the beach, the bay or the ocean. He bought a boat (unfortunately one of Mark’s boats sank after a hurricane) and that is when Louis learned how to water ski. Mark, Louis and Juanita were always together doing whatever, wherever, whenever. They were the Three Musketeers.

Mark and Juanita had a fairytale relationship. Yes sounds cliché but whenever they were together, you could see it, you could feel it. Mark loved Juanita and Juanita loved her Marchello! He was a devoted, faithful, loving and caring husband who only wanted to make her smile all the time. He was always calm and ready to listen. She brought a tremendous amount of happiness to him as his girlfriend, his wife and as his best friend. They pretty much did everything together. If you asked Mark what made a happy marriage, he always gave the same answer, “Love and Respect”. Juanita and Mark would spend their days or evenings at the kitchen counter with a martini in hand at the Al-ta Bistro. That was all they needed…each other!

Whenever you saw the two of them, they both had a smile on their face and a hug to be given. She made him happy. He made her happy and they tried to share as much of that with everyone around them. Who knew a night out at Chippendales would lead to the love for the ages.

From Juanita to Marchello…I will miss your hugs, I will miss your kisses, I will miss dancing with you. I will miss everything you brought into my life…I will miss YOU forever. With all my love, your Juanita.  

Calling Hours:  2 to 5 pm, Sunday, January 9, 2022

Mass:  10:45 am, Monday, January 10, 2022, St. Joseph's Church, Bronxville, NY


  1. REPLY
    Martha & Felix Garcia says

    Our heart felt condolences go out to Juanita, the family and friends. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all during this difficult time. Mark was an amazing person and he will be sorely missed. Love, Felix and Martha

  2. REPLY
    Jo Ann Merla says

    This world has lost an amazing husband and friend to many. He joins so many souls in heaven to greet him. He is truly a special person a gift to his family. I am so sad

  3. REPLY
    Carol Mendicino Trimarchi says

    Remembering Mark with warm emotions!
    The love and commitment you shared with Juanita and Luis was complete, unselfish, joyful, and forever. I witness the happiness and dedication you shared with Juanita.
    You had a zest for life and a kindness that was exclusively Mark!
    I will miss and remember you always!
    Carol Mendicino Trimarchi

  4. REPLY
    Laura n Richard Cisternas says

    Dear Juanita, Louis n family; Mark was truly an outstanding person and had qualities that most do not. If you spoke to Mark your day was better. God must have needed an angel because he was taken too soon. We love you. Laura n Richard

  5. REPLY
    Mike and Kathy Hernandez says

    Our dearest Juanita and Louis, words will never describe this tremendous loss. We are grieving and hurting with you. Our love for Marcelo is everlasting and we are thankful to have so many memories together that we can hold on to. We love you and are here for you.

  6. REPLY
    Peter and Johanna OBrien says

    Juanita and Louis please accept our heartfelt condolences on Mark’s passing. It is particularly shocking having just seen you all just a short time ago at a celebratory event (wedding) where everyone was smiling and happy and looking forward to putting these last couple of years behind us. Mark was such a sweet man who would always seek you out in company to engage in friendly conversation and to catch up on whatever went on since our last meeting. His warmth and friendliness will be missed by all who knew him.

  7. REPLY
    Andrew & Joy Kerekes says

    Dear Juanita and Louis, Joy and I can’t even begin to tell you how much we are sadden by the loss of Mark. He brought such joy to our lives just having him in our family. He was the most unselfish and gracious person we have ever met. He was always the one who offered to help no matter what the situation. He had a zest for life and brought happiness to all those around him. We feel like a part of ourselves is missing and regret that we will never be able to engage with him again. As long as Joy and I live we will never forget Mark and always carry him in our hearts because he truly was a special human being which this planet could use a lot more like him.

  8. REPLY
    Donald and Laura Scott says

    Dear Juanita and Louis. No words for you. Truly unbelievable. Mark was a very special person and a very special friend. The incredible memories and times spent together will take us thru the pain. Know that we are here for both of you. RIP OUR DEAR FREIND. 💙🙏💙You will be truly missed. Thank you for you. 💙 Love Peace and Light ❌⭕️💙❌⭕️Donald Laura Eddy and Stanley

  9. REPLY
    Stephanie and Anthony Bucci says

    Our very deepest condolences to Juanita, Louis and all of Mark’s family and friends. There are no right words for this beyond sad , shocking news.. He was such a nice man and his smile and laugh were contagious.
    Rest in peace. Xo

    • REPLY
      Eddie & Maddie says

      Our deepest sympathies go out to Juanita, your family, and friends. May the family find comfort and peace during this difficult time. Mark is a funny and great person, who will be missed greatly by all who knew him. May God be with you all and May he rest in peace.🙏🙏🙏
      With love Eddie & Maddie Rodriguez

  10. REPLY
    Cari and Bob says

    Words can never adequately describe the feelings we hold on our hearts not the pain we suffer. What we can say is that we truly understand what Juanita, her family and dearest friends are going through right now and are so very sorry. The shock of his passing so suddenly is beyond devastating. Mark will always be remembered as being a wonderful person, always with a smile on his face and such a true friend to Kathy and Mike who introduced us to him many years ago. We are fortunate to have known him. We hope that his family and friends can find some peace knowing that God has lifted up this great man and welcomed him into his kingdom. We pray that God will also provide strength to his family and dear friends in the days ahead.

  11. REPLY
    James and Tanya South says

    Our deepest condolences, love and prayers for Juanita, family and friends. From the first time we met him, he was so kind, fun, welcoming, his smile was infectious and the love Mark shared with Juanita was an amazing love story. Their love story captured my heart forever. The world has truly lost a great man. He will be sadly missed. God bless and give comfort to Juanita and family. Rest In Peace. Sincerely, James and Tanya South 🙏🏼♥️

  12. REPLY
    Rev Michael Cisternas says

    Mark you were an incredible & kindred soul. We spent many wonderful moments together & I will always remember them. Your demeanor that you extended to all those around you was truly God given. You knew what Love meant. Juanita & Louis were blessed to have you in their lives as everyone that you touched received a part of your heart.
    Dear Aunt & Louis, Peace & Love be with you today & always,
    Rev Michael Cisternas

  13. REPLY
    Rev Michael Cisternas says

    MarK, you were a truly kindred soul and a true child of God.
    Your words were always positive, joyful and full of love.
    Never in all the years did I hear a negative or an Ill word pass your lips.. we spent many wonderful moments together & I will always remember them.
    Juanita & Louis you were blessed to have Mark in your lives as all were who knew him.
    I wish you peace , love & God’s strength that will carry you through this difficult time.
    Much Love,
    Rev Michael Cisternas

  14. REPLY
    Eddie & Maddie Rodriguez says

    “Our deepest sympathies go out to Juanita and family. May you find comfort and peace during this difficult time. Mark was a sweet and funny friend and he will be missed by everyone who knew him. REST IN PEACE.

  15. REPLY
    Colleen Ackerman says

    My deepest sympathy Juanita and Lou!! Heaven just gained a wonderful angel. . Colleen Ackerman and family.

  16. REPLY
    Melissa Hernandez says

    I am deeply saddened, I will always remember Mark for the smile he wore which brightened up any room. Juanita, my deepest and most sincerest condolences. Sending you lots of love.

  17. REPLY
    Marie & Eric Hernandez says

    To know Mark
    Was to LOVE Mark
    His smile was so genuinely infectious
    He was fun, charismatic, charming, loving and thoughtful
    Juanita & Louis we know you are hurting and we are all here for you guys
    Thank you for the memories and fun times, love and laughter
    God needed an outstanding ANGEL
    and boy did he pick a GREAT ONE
    Mark you will FOREVER be missed
    Love Always

  18. REPLY
    Sixta & Gio says

    Our heart felt condolences go out to You your family and dear friends. . Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. He will be greatly missed

    Sixta & Giovanni Ripa

  19. REPLY
    John J Carini says

    Our deepest sympathies to Juanita and Louis. So sorry to hear of Mark’s passing, and we’re all still in a bit of shock.. Mark was so personable, warm, friendly and compassionate. There are no words I can think of that would express this loss, other than Mark was a great soul and will be sadly missed.
    Rest In peace. John & Gina Carini

  20. REPLY
    Tricia and Lance Roman says

    Our deepest heartfelt condolences Juanita, family and friends. Mark was such an fun, warm and kind person with an indelible smile. May his memory be eternal. We pray that God will give you strength during this difficult time. With sympathy, Tricia and Lance Roman

  21. REPLY
    Cheech says

    My deepest condolences to Mark’s family. Mark was truly a great friend, we shared great memories growing up in our neighborhood. Mark, your passing is a great loss, you will be missed! R.I.P my friend!
    Cheech & family

  22. REPLY
    Donald Perilllo says

    My deepest sympathies to Juanita and Louis. I was so sadened to hear of Mark’s passing. Mark was such a great guy and I will miss him.

  23. REPLY
    Victoria M Mugele says

    Juanita and Louis, we are so very very saddened by this tremendous loss. Mark will be forever in our hearts as the amazing sweet gentle man he was and we were truly blessed to have known and shared in so many wonderful times together. You all shared in so many celebrations with us through the years and we are praying for you both as you go through this tragic time and forward into a different life with Mark as your Guardian Angel. Love you all! Victoria and Richard Mugele

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