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Murphy, Helen F. December 18, 1926 - December 14, 2018

Helen Murphy, a longtime Eastchester resident passed away on December 14, 2018 at the age of 91.  Helen was born in New York City to Arnold and Kathryn Von Wyl.  She graduated from Cathedral high school and worked as a legal secretary. She married the late John Murphy in 1949 and together they raised seven children.  Helen was a talented homemaker who dedicated her life to her family and gracefully accepted the challenges of raising two special needs sons, both of whom predeceased her; Jack in 1997 and Matthew in 2017.  Helen was also predeceased by her son Michael in 2005 and her sister Kathryn in 1986. She is survived by her children Theresa, Jude (Laura), Mark and Helen Mary. She was a special loving grandmother to Brian, Chelsea (James), Jude Michael, Hillary and J.J. and great grandmother to Bella and Avery. Helen was often referred to as “everybody’s mom.”  She brought kindness and joy into this world every day of her life. The loss of her love and beautiful smile will be felt by all who knew her.  Visitation will be held at Fred H. McGrath funeral home on Monday, December 17, between the hours of 4 to 8pm. A mass of Christian burial will be held at Immaculate Conception Church on Tuesday, December 18, 2018 at 9:30am. In lieu of flowers donations may be made to Calvary Hospital.

Calling Hours: 4 to 8 pm, Monday, December 17, 2018

Mass: 9:30 am, Tuesday, December 18, 2018 at Immaculate Conception Church, Tuckahoe


  1. REPLY
    Marianne Gallagher says

    Aunt Helen, you were the most amazing human being that I ever encountered. Your smile and temperament was contagious. We loved your laughter, sense of humor, and your Sunday dinners , back in the day) You are in heaven now, with all that loved you. You will be forever missed, when I look at flowers in a garden, your beauty and smile will rush back to my thoughts and I will be forever greatful that you touched my life.

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      Helen M Hannigan says

      You used to say to me that I was your lucky 7 when I was feeling like the black sheep. I never knew a mom so dedicated. You sat at Parkway Oval during my soccer game, when the temperature was too low for soccer or moms to be out there. No other moms were, but you were all bundled up. You didn’t have a problem with the goose poop on clothes or cleats. When I got heat exhaustion at practice because the coach made us run in heat and you called him and gave him a word. Always being there for me no matter what, always felling a bit like the black sheep, but you making me feel I was the lucky 7. Always and forever I will be your lucky 7. I love you so, Miss you Goggie

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      Helen M Hannigan says

      Thank you, my mom loved you guys as her own. I remember the pact they(her and your mom made). If something happened to our parents, we would be a “blended family” well God did step up a little bit and all worked out. Could you imagine!!!! lol Love you guys, family forever, family always

  2. REPLY
    Lyn Cecere says

    To all the Murphy Family,
    I was saddened to hear about the passing of Helen.
    She was a wonderful person and loving mother who I got to know through her son, Mat.
    I know she will be missed. I am sorry I can’t attend the services but my thoughts and prayers are with you.
    With sympathy,
    Lyn Cecere

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    Helen Mary says

    Mom, I was put on the spot to say something at your celebration of life luncheon. I broke down because words cannot express how awesome you are. I miss you so much everyday.

  4. REPLY
    Helen Mary says

    I miss you so much. It’s silly it seems sending this to a page. It’s just bizarre so many people say what would Jesus do and they have bracelets that say wwjd. Lots of times I say what would Goggie do. I think I need a bracelet that says wwgd. The strange thing is it would be the same thing as wwjd. I miss you so much. Best mom ever

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    Helen Hannigan says

    I can’t believe it will be a year. We talk about you everyday. I am so glad I am the most like you. Isabella talks about you all the time. She will forever know, you are the best mom best grandma best great grandma Everett to walk this Earth. Everyday I want to pick up the phone and speak to you but I do speak to you and I know that you hear me and that you’re looking after me.

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    Helen Hannigan says

    Thanks mom and dad, all your hard work will make a big difference in my life. I think I’m the only one that realizes where the money actually came from. I appreciate it everything you both ever did. And I’m actually the one that really needs it, I just want to be secure I don’t want to be rich. The other ones already are well off,

  7. REPLY
    Helen Hannigan says

    You would just love it!!! I was so happy I know that you’re here with me. Tell Daddy I are very grateful. I hear you saying, this is just lovely, just perfect. Miss you everyday. Best Mom Ever!!!!

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    Helen M Hannigan says

    I love you , miss you everyday, I can’t get up to New York to visit all of you. But I talk to you everyday. You are JJ’s guardian angel I know that for sure. Hillary’s going to be getting married in October and you will be looking over her and you will be there with us. Love to Dad Jack and especially Matt,

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    Helen Mary Hannigan says

    Your sweet grandson JJ is at the house tonight. Tomorrow is Easter, we have talked about you all day today. JJ is struggling and I know you have been his guardian angel I would do anything to go over to the house for Easter dinner.. once you left us the family died. I know that you’re there taking care of Matthew, that’s how my kids said call these take care of Uncle Matt, he was a freaking cool guy over came so obstacles and he was only 23 months older than me. He was my brother, and my kids knew how special he was. Mom,dad Jack and Matt I hope you’re all together for Easter forgot my brother Michael yeah you too lol

  10. REPLY
    Helen M Hannigan says

    Merry Christmas Mom,
    Miss you every day, bought a rib roast for three people(well 3 normal people)for $35 it could have fed Theresa for 4 months could you believe that ?how did you and daddy feed us all ?. It was cooked perfect. No hockey pucks in our house lol. Don’t worry about your New York family, they have a good zip code. Can you believe that they have to live in a certain zip code to keep their jobs. For heaven’s sakes. You’re the best. .

  11. REPLY
    Helen M Hannigan says

    Missing you so much, wish you were here you would know exactly what to do and what to say. We talk about you everyday. Goggie used to say this. When Isabella sleeps over this is your pillow, she says I want Goggie’s pillow. I could hear your voice saying that makes me so happy that she’s enjoying it. You sacrificed everything for everybody there’s been no one like you ever.

  12. REPLY
    Helen Mary Hannigan says

    Miss you everyday happy birthday, best mom ever my life has never been the same. Love your Lucky 7

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